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    Botzlab ICE 3D Printer

    Botzlab Innovations, headquartered in India, has created another series as a followup to their original Drona series, with the ICE 3D printer, which stands for Idea-Create-Exhibit. Retailing at around $600 USD, the ICE is targeted at students as Botzlab continues in their mission to provide accessibility to 3D printing in India. The all-metal frame offers stability, along with a build volume of print volume of 240 x 140 x 100. The 3D printer is turn-key, and as is the case with all of their 3D printers, it is completely open source. Read more at

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    I'm all for competition and variety. However I fail to see how their printer sets itself apart from the rest. It has a small volume and only one extruder with no heated bed...

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    well unfortunately this is like 90% of the printers coming out... Took too long to get to market in a flooded space. There isnt much innovation coming out with FDM printers right now

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    There isnt much innovation coming out with FDM printers right now
    there is - but not in the real budget zone :-)

    The weird (or maybe not so) thing is they've chosen to use the exact same build volume as the cel robox - which is also targeted at schools - but does more and costs more.

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