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    Printhesis 3D Printed Hand

    We all have seen the various 3D printed hands making their rounds, but sometimes you need more specific devices for more intricate functionality. In comes a designer from the Netherlands named Roel Deden. Eden created a new prosthetic hand for her friend Lianne, which would allow her to make jewelry like she once had, prior to developing bone cancer. The new hand was printed with a plier-like extension for under $400, supplanting the usefulness of Lianne's old prosthetic which cost her almost $9000. The device, called the Printhesis won the James Dyson Award in The Netherlands this week. More details on this hand can be found here:

    Below is a picture of the 3D printed Printhesis:

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    wow look at that. Impressive how much 3d printers are helping humanity advance and get things for everyone who needs it

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    How many impressive 3D printers are helping mankind in advance and get things for all who needed it. you can also see in 3D printing by hand proshthetic vexmatech

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