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    May 2014
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Hi all. I'm John. Long time 3d printing fanboy, but I just got an Ormerod kit a few weeks ago. Been doing some electronic and mechanical hacks to it, and will probably keep doing so infinitely...

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    I'm just starting out with 3d Printing. I'm looking at building my own delta 3d printer when I get some funds together. Eventually, I would like to get into business with 3d printing.

    I've been asked to moderate the reprap subforum. I'm looking forward to getting involved.


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    May 2014
    Sorry, I have broken forum etiquette by making multiple posts before introducing myself.

    I'm based in Australia and have a long term interest in 3D design from a purely amateur hobby basis and have played around with 3D Studio MAX and it's predecessors for the last 20 years.
    I have a 3D StuffMaker Evolution, purchased late last year which I have already customised with a redesigned extruder, an illuminated nozzle fan and filament feeder. All designed by me and built on the printer.
    I love the bleeding edge nature of the current range of hobby level printers and enjoy the development, tweaking and improving of the printer as much as I do producing printed objects.

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    New York
    I am Bruno. I love to tinker and take on projects. Variety is the spice of life.

    My hobbies
    now 3d printers.

    My Job?
    Systems Engineer (Computers)

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    Hello I'm in Canada,

    I run a MIX G1 3d printer using a version of Marlin
    Currently Building a second unit with 3d printed enclosures for ramps and smart controller
    aluminum build plate and main Mounting platform
    Progress so far on the second printer is going well awaiting a supply unit to arrive
    extruder, steppers, and full operations in Repetier-Host all tested fine using a 3s lipo & 5v from usb
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    Hey everyone I'm in Tasmania, just got my Makerfarm I3v 10"
    Love prop making (mostly Iron Man and star wars)

    Im a glazier by trade, but now spend my days quoting house windows.

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    How's it going? I am in the middle of building a Kossel Mini. I've operated a Makerbot, but this is my first experience with a RepRap. I have been very impressed with the Kossel that a friend made, so I am excited to have one of my own.
    I intend to use the printer as a prototyping aid for various projects. I am an active member of a FIRST robotics team - where we use 3D printing more and more. And I am going to use my Kossel to print prosthetic hands for the E-Nable project.

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    Rome, Italy, EU
    Hello everyone, I'm from Italy (Rome). I just ordered a full Prusa i3 kit from Charlie

    I’m a Solution Architect (.net) passionate about electronics, model aeronautics and Arduino.


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    New York
    Benvenuto al forum. E sempre un piacere incontrare un italiano apasionato.

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    Hi there, I'm new to the whole 3D printing, although I have been watching it and that for awhile now. Guess I decided to get into it. I just received a HE Reprap Prusa i3 DIY kit. Just have to get it together and start printing. But I already have questions about it, and nothing is together yet. Isn't that how it goes.

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