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    3D Printed Lamps - Affilia

    What an awesome way to use a 3D printer. These are 3D printed lamps, created by an Italian designer named, Alessandro Zambelli. He calls them "Affilia".

    The lamps are printed on a Laser sintering printer using nylon as the material. The wooden base is not printed, just the main shade area. What do you think?

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    Awesome. It's amazing what a difference a year makes with these 3D prints. Last year you would see a 3D printed lamp and think, "Oh that's neat, but I would never put it in my home." This year, I could easily see these in my home and in fact want them in my home!

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    Yeah it's a good way to use a 3d printer, creating large open structures like this. I sort of like the form language, but I think much more could have been done with the geometry and the patterning. Looks too much like hanging wine bottles to me. And it's a detail but I really don't get what the story behind the green cord is.

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    They look pretty cool... but i dont see how you would ever get the lightbulb itself into it?
    Had that problem when i designed a lampshade myself.

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