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    Old People React to 3D Printing

    In a really fun video that will just make your day if you are a technology buff, the team from Five Brothers Entertainment sat down a group of ‘elders,’ to check out 3D printing. Most of them had little knowledge of what the new technology does, and their questions, opinions, and predictions will have everyone in stitches regarding 3D printing. The group discusses the aesthetics of the machines, filament, the process, as well as high wait times, which they weren’t thrilled about when told how long they would have to wait for their 3D printed items. In the end, most agreed that the technology would make significant impacts on the world. More details and the full video can be found here:

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    Well done for making me feel ancient, they are nearly all younger than I am. :bawling:

    Would you not get the same reaction from any ten people taken at random?

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    "it's a lack of education and training and there are faster processes , and they really seem to not realise the will for the interest of medical fields because it's better than it used to be with casting which would be 2 weeks ,
    it's a form of biased form of not realising part of a golden rule the lives that were optimised or saved from 3d printing ,
    from therapeutic , to humanitarian aid to mercy of the medical disabled , it's priceless of a lifetime it's the miracles of 3d printing i would like to credit , of course it would be better to upgrade that golden rule to an ruby with a carved heart with it written in that stone "

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