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    JigSurf 3D Printed Surf Board

    Max Robotham, an Industrial Design student at New Zealand's Victoria University, has put his school's UP! 3D printers to good--and constant--use lately, printing out 48 pieces. These pieces can be put together jigsaw puzzle style to create the Jigsurf, a 3D printed surfboard that, assembled using a high tensile steel cable, is 5'9" long. Designed using Solidworks, and needing about six full days of print time, Robotham and a friend successfully tested the Jigsurf board in the waves. Read more about Robotham's design process and plans for future iterations in the full article:

    Below is a look at the Jigsurf:

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    I'd like to contact the guy and ask how it rides. I'm assuming the answer is "bad" but I'm still curious

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    Sup Man.

    Ive taken the board out a few times now.
    As it has a bit of weight to it similar to that of a mini mal it needs big waves to give it the push required.
    In the second trial my mate Mark Williamson managed to stand up but this is was in larger surf at lyall bay.

    Thing got to remember its just a concept not a full functioning product.

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    I'm assuming the answer is "bad" but I'm still curious

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