With just over a month to go before the deadline of the Hackaday Prize competition, Hackaday leaked a little bit of information about one of the more interesting (to them and to the team of judges) submissions. A development team at Makeroni Labs, founded in Zaragoza, Spain, is working on what they’ve called the “Eye of Horus,” an open source eye tracking system. They anticipate that the device, which uses low-cost infrared LEDs and a cheap frontal camera that serves as a receptor, all with a 3D printed casing, will have multiple applications, from assisting physically disabled people as a no-hands device and also allowing drivers to remain hands-free when using various controls in an automobile. They expect to identify any number of other uses for the device as they continue developing both the software and the hardware. Read more about the Eye of Horus and Hackaday Prize in the full article: http://3dprint.com/79173/eye-of-horus-tracking-device/

Below is a photo of a man wearing the Eye of Horus device: