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    Hey Guys! Support for printers out of warranty do have an incident cost of $100. Despite this you can certainly purchase parts from us at no additional cost. I recommend for you to use the Support site to troubleshoot and diagnose your issue and then call us up to purchase the correct parts.

    Your issues specifically sound like either you x-axis motor cable or your x-axis bot step needs to be replaced. These instructions should help you diagnose:

    1) Please turn off and unplug your bot.

    2) Put your bot on it's left side and turn it so the bottom is facing you.

    3) Using a 2.5mm hex key/screwdriver please remove the black rectangular plate covering the bottom right side of your bot.

    4) When the plate is removed you will see your MightyBoard. Along the top of your MightyBoard you will see three, green rectangular chips called botsteps. Botsteps control the movement of your bot's axes. The botsteps are plugged into ports labeled X, Y, Z. Because it sounds like your issue is with the X axis and not the Y axis, swap the two botsteps connected to the X and Y ports.

    5) Put the bottom panel back on.

    6) Return the bot to it's upright position.

    7) Plug in and turn on your bot.

    8) Jog each axis in each direction. If the issue moved to the Y Axis, we've isolated the issue to the botstep.

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    What do you think is the biggest problem?


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