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    3D Printed KAFO Splint

    Industrial designer Or Steiner was looking for a way to give the old-fashioned and cumbersome leg brace a modern update. Steiner settled on using 3D printing technology to build this airy and structurally sound medical device design following a chance meeting with a patient named Ron who had been in an accident some years before. The accident left Ron dependent on a wheelchair or a set of leg braces and crutches, but the uncomfortable design of the braces made him unwilling to wear them, so Steiner's solution was a welcome innovation. You can read the whole story here:

    Below are some images of the 3D printed of the leg braces in action. What are your thoughts?

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    where can you buy these for CMT, drop foot?

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    Is there any follow up to this story? Would like to more about it and the design.

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