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    One Students Incredibly Scary 3D Printed Mask of Himself

    3D printing has been used to create some truly inventive masks, and now a student from the University of Texas at Austin has produced on that looks like nothing we've seen before. Joshua Orsburn "couldn't leave school without giving 3D printing a chance," and he took a class assignment as an opportunity to design a mask. Color scans of his own face, meshed together in Rhino3D, were assembled together in a particularly unsettling creation. The mask took about 11 hours to print on a gypsum 3D printer, and after Orsburn added acrylic paint and graphite, then dipped it in resin, the final product is...well, frightening. Check out more details about Orsburn's process in the full article:

    Below is a photo of Orsburn's mask:

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