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    Film Created with 2,500 3D Printed Pieces

    Artist and filmmaker Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud is doing PhD research in Paris in Motion Picture and Film studies, and the discovery of 3D printing led him to create Chase Me, a hauntingly beautiful stop-motion animation film. Deschaud modeled and built 2,500 3D printed pieces which he then manipulated to make the film over the course of two years. Each frame of the film was designed in CG before translating the images for processing via 3D printing. He says it was his discovery of the Form 1+ 3D printer which led him to bring 3D printing technology to the art of stop-motion animation to create a new kind of film. You can read the whole story here:

    Below is a still from Chase Me:

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    doesn't exactly speed the animation process up though, does it :-)

    Though it did with box trolls. Different way of using the technology.

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    The styles used in this film look so appealing. I love the mood Gille-Alexandre Deschaud was able to create... I can't wait until he announces the release, I'd love to watch this film.

    I think it would probably save some time, though, ultimately, over completely hand-modelled clay figures that have been typical in stop-motion; at least many of the base STL files would remain consistent throughout. For the creation, of course, not the frame-by-frame filming that it still needs.

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