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    Is there any update to thicj sticky?

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    Maybe everyone can think about qidi 3d printer .

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    Agreed, I have one and really like it. Easy to use, great support and lots of other people using them to network with.

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    Maybe everyone can think about qidi 3d printer .
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    So a printerbot simple metal costs the same as an Up Mini 2? I know which one I'm buying...

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    Interesting, where to get more info?

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    Did make test & review for these printers?

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    If you are interested, you can look at the printer about BIQU. As far as I know, their printers are of high cost performance.

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    Hello everyone. this is Chen from Flashforge. Now we rank the 3 in the world for desktop printer.Please contact me by skype shakiradido

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    In my opnion Zortrax M200 is the best purchase. Maybe it doesnt cost 400$ but it's totally worth the price. I just don't need to worry about printing quality and wasted filament. At the end its all about good print. And it's really easy to use, even for beginners. I highly recommend!

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