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    Lubricate Flashforge Pro


    After a few days of printing I now get a squeaking noise at start up and print ending. Is the recommended lubrication method?


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    I use Lithium Grease. Dosen't hurt plastic.

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    any particular method to apply, how often do you need it.


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    About once a month. I first wipe off the worm gear in the back, the vertical one with a cloth then I apply the grease with my finger around the shaft. It doesn't take much. I also apply it to all the horizontal shafts at the top. You could also use a Q-tip. I wipe off all the shafts before applying grease as the grease attracks dust. I also balance my table at the same time and vacuum it out. I think maintenance goes a long way on these printers.

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    I use lithium grease. Spray it on kitchen roll and wipe down all the rods and the screw. It cleans crap off them and adds a new layer of lube at the same time.

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    I use Super Lube Synthetic Grease with PTFE. Apply with a Q-tip and wipe off excess.

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    We have found the best lube for roller bearings and precision rods is Remington Firearm Lube.

    We don't even notice the printers running they are so quiet.

    With Lithium Spray of any kind it tends to gunk up, and cause roller bearing binding/noise.

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    Have to keep an eye out for that - cheers :-)

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