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    Project peeling off of raft


    i am am new to 3d printing. I just purchased a makerbot 5th for my school and now learning to use it. So far so good, but some of our projects are peeling off the raft?

    Any suggestions?


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    try using pla, blue tape and no raft.

    Hang on 5th gen ? no heated plate. So you are using pla.

    So basically blue tape, better calibration and no raft.
    Blue tape is blue painters tape:
    I use duck brand but the 3m should be just as good.
    Pla sticks to it like hot toffee to skin :-)
    And if you've never burnt yourself making toffee - it's an experience to look forward too - not !

    I've never needed a raft with pla. And I'm basically using a makerbot 2nd gen copy :-)
    Mind you from what I've heard about the 5th gen - I wouldn't swap my cheapo flashforge clone for your spanky expensive machine either :-)
    But blue tape and no raft should fix the problem.

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