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    Happy New Year everyone! I finally found time to get this project going again - there isn't better time than a night of New Year celebration I hope to get a better camera soon and make a final photoshoot....

    Here are some older picture about what happens when your 3D printer messes up your print and shifts half of a piece. Anyway, there is no thing that saw, glue and putty can't fix )

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    Painting the robot was a lot of fun. I've done these layers:

    • Prime color
    • Shadows / light surfaces
    • Weathering details
    • Chiping
    • Rust
    • Weathering sufraces
    • Oil/dirt

    I overdid the chipping, but that's what happens when you're doing it for the first time

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    BTW: people at a maker fair though it's made out of metal. Maybe the chipping is not as bad as I though. LOL.

    One of the goals of the project was to make the robot move in the nice, fluid way. A lot of work went into things that can not be shown by photos - coding and preparing the moves. To make it even more fun I had to redo some electronics - the robot stopped working after just sitting idle for half a year Anyway during the preparations I prepared a storyboards - my final animation was supposed to resemble the original movie:

    I turned my flat into mini photo studio for a couple days

    I'm not a photographer or filmaker - using a tripod is as far as that goes but I decided to try using a couple of spotlights and a smokemachine The smokemachine turned out to be harder than I thought. You basically have to know how to use it. Having a good camera dosn't gurantee making good photos - the same for a smoke machine. Anyway, I needed it for making photos of the lasers, so it wasn't completelly waster Oh, and I haven't reallized that smoke from smokemachine raises straight up. You need cold smoke in order for it to sit on the ground, so I had to improvise that. 5 liter bottle filled with ice cubes served as cooler for smoke:

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    More videos, photos and info:

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    To celebrate the new Ghost In The Shell movie, I made a video about how awesome the tank in the old one was! I loved how it looks so much that I built a robot from scratch and I tried to match the motions as close as I could.

    BTW, the robot in the new movie is not as cool, calm and menacing. Although the rest of the movie visually is amazing.

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