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    Free 3D Printing Classes at Brooklyn Public Library

    Ultimaker and 3DPrinterOS have teamed up with the Brooklyn Public Library to bring the world of 3D printing to curious and enthusiastic New Yorkers ready to learn about the processes involved in 3D printing, as well as surrounding history and terminology that surrounds the technology. 3DPrinterOS is responsible for teaching the class with sponsorship and materials from Shapeways and Foxsmart Filament. more details about these classes and what they will over participants can be found here:

    Certainly this could be a groundbreaking new attempt to spread knowledge of this new technology even quicker over the next few years. Let us know if you have taken part in any of these 3D printing classes, and what your thoughts on they are.

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    Great idea.

    I'd love to do something like that round here. Take the sessions, not go to them :-)

    Okay it's an obvious marketing ploy by the 3dprinteros people.
    But still a really great way to introduce 3d printing to the general public.

    Sent a request to try the 3dprinteros thing out.
    Could be interesting.

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