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    3D Printed Proton Pack From Ghostbusters

    Tom Lemieux, 3D printer and artist extraordinaire, is beginning to garner more and more attention for his creations. Perhaps topping his Iron Man costume, and displaying his reverence for the 80’s Ghostbusters movie franchise, Lemieux has created a fully 3D printed proton pack featuring the wand, large accelerator, and all the outer features associated with the ghost-polarizing device from the comedy. Check it out in the full article:

    Below is a photo of Lemieux with his 3D printed proton pack:

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    I'm about a quarter of the way thru printing mine

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    Cost of the 3D printer not-withstanding, about how much would one of these babies cost to produce?

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    Old news!!
    I started printing mine back in April 2014 ...

    still going....
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    I've only logged 130 hours of printing on this project so far, to get the cyclotron, synch generator, main body of thrower and N-gague but am guessing it will take 5 to 6 2-lb. spools of 1.75mm filament if I print with a 4% fill, 4 layers of walls. Layer height varies between 1.5 and 2mm depending on the part. Actually a few parts that are hidden from view (like the cyclotron support) are being printed at .3mm height just to shave some time off of this project.

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    I just finished mine yesterday. From start to finish, took two months (in-between full-time job and time with the kids). The first 4 weeks was spent printing and ordering non-printable parts. The rest was sanding, plastic welding, sanding, and painting. Krylon's primer with built-in filler saved a heck of a lot of sanding work. Used about 10 lbs of black filament (everything was printed with rafts and where necessary, supports. Used around .3 lbs of grey filament for the "shinier" parts. I would upload photos of the finished work, but it looks like photo uploading isn't working for me.

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    Where does one find the files to print this pack????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cujo31 View Post
    Where does one find the files to print this pack????
    Go to thingiverse. This guy has created most of the parts:

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