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    Thanks for the help all, crossing my fingers right now, but I seem to have found the problem, the fan, totally forgot about it, it was at 85%, which is way too high, I have it a 0 C, 245 C and 80 C bed, layered perfectly. However, I do need the fan as the PETG parts has bridging, I am using supports, but do need a little bit of fan, will be trying someone said 50% works, so I'll start with 35% and see. Thanks for all the help again!

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    just have the fan off for the first 3 or 4 layers then 100% for the rest.

    But printing at a lower temp will give you stronger prints.

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    yeah that was part of the problem, i had fan back on at layer 3, which is too little. RIght now trying a 9 hours print (crosses my fingers and knock on wood again) at 240 C nozzle, Bed at 80 C all the way, and fan at 0% until layer 5, which then it starts at 50%. The one before I tested with no fan worked almost perfectly, other than the usual stringing, which was very thing, here's hoping 50% is enough to eliminate that but not cause cooling down too fast on my Cr-10. Little nervous right now too because a part of the brim on the left side I didn't get the magigoo there, so right now it's straight on glass. Good thing it's the brim and not the part, but we'll see xD

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    Best,do you have to use any glue on the Ultrabase?

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    surprisingly no, just at least 80 C bed, I suggest 82 C though to be safe, because i had a case where the front side started warping just a tiny bit towards the end of a 12 hour print, which I'm guessing is due to the back usually hotter than the front. This is on the Anycubic i3 Mega

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    Is that for PLA?

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    no PETG. For PLA, 60 C for the bed and 196 C for the nozzle and fan depends on your printer but usually 70-100% is good for most (as long it's not cause nozzle temperature to run wild) is good enough. nozzle temps for PLA Really depends on the company though, I'm using Zyltech PLA and it's usually between 196 and 207 C for me for the nozzle.

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