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    The second one is on the way .... the internet is cutting out on me today too. Very bad day for tech at my house.

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    More info:

    200C extruder temp
    60C bed temp
    1.75mm PLA filament

    I've tried increasing flow to 110%, slowing down the print speed to 50%,

    Now the extruder isn't clogging, but I'm getting horrible quality prints. Nothing adheres to the print bed. I've tried leveling the bed several times, painters tape, glue stick... I'm about out of options.

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    Well, crap. Not sure what to tell you. Everything looks good.

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    If it still isn't sticking, might try going even closer. If that doesn't work, don't rule out the nozzle having a defect.

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    I just got a print that was better than anything else today. Not great but at least it was recognizable. I re-calibrated everything and cut the first layer speed down to like 1/4 speed. I'm thinking you might be right about the nozzle. Everything was fine until yesterday. It was having trouble pulling filament in, which I figured out was because there was too much tension on the filament because there was too much friction between the spool and spool-holder. (I had to print a new spool-holder because the stock one was too small) Once I figured that out I put some silicone on the spool holder and got a great print. Got up this morning and everything started jamming up. All I can figure is that somehow the feeder gear might have somehow gotten damaged but I can't think that filament would do anything to that, no matter how much it was grinding away. What do you think?

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    One thing I forgot: At times during printing it will just go all the way out to one far side of the build plate for no apparent reason. This is normally when things begin to go awry.

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    Are you printing from the SD card that came with the machine? If so, swap cards. If you don't have another one available, try formatting the card.

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    Mostly via USB cable, though I did try the card. If anything it seemed better with the SD card. Now I've gotten it to stop clogging, but the print quality is not good. I'm wondering if I need to change the sheet on the print bed. It's still the original one from a month or so ago. I have about 72 hours worth of printing in that time.

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    Try cleaning it with some glass cleaner, then give it one final wipe down with rubbing alcohol. If you have some 300-400 grit sand paper, giving it a light buffing would help too. But clean with the alcohol afterwards.

    Stick with SD card.

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