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    MP Maker Select v2 stops extruding mid print

    Each time I try to print the machine stops extruding. I've cleaned the whole nozzle assembly half a dozen times, slowed the print speed, leveled the print bed several times, and it still doesn't help. The cause is a piece of filament getting jammed in the feeding mechanism for the extruder. I've included a link to a picture of the jam that continually causes the problem. Any help is appreciated.

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    Is the hotend fan failing or not working at all?

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    No, it's running the whole time.

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    Does the hotend stay at a constant temp? What temp are you trying to print at?

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    Print cooling fan on or off when this happens?

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    200C the whole time... fans are running the whole time. I just pulled everything apart that has anything to do with feeding the filament and made sure everything was clean. It seems like some sort of retraction issue. I tried printing with retraction off too.

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    Is there a PTFE tube in the hotend?

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    Can you post a picture of your hotend? A close up of how far the hot end is from the carriage? Upload the image to if you don't have any other way to post it.

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    There is a tube in the hotend. Here is a pic of the extruder and the original pic of the filament jam, as I realized that you probably can't see that last one.
    I can't post the damn pic. I'm working on it.

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