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    One wierd problem just before printing

    So recently my Creality Cr-10 is doing something wierd. It prints very well etc, and I've been using Cura for some time, and getting S3D sometime next month. Back to the point, the past 2 days, everytime just before a print, the filament extruder just suddenly retracts the filament backward alot (approx 10 cm), thus causing the filament to come in about nearly 20 secs late, which of course causes the print to pretty much fail right at the beginning. I went into Cura and checked the machine settings, and it's still just the G28 ; Home for the start Code. I'm not that great at programming so I'm confused. Thank you very much.

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    Try putting "G92 E0" in your start code... before G28

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    Alright will do, ran out of filament (facepalms myself) will let you know if that works!

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    Okay I'm an idiot, downloaded new cura, and somehow the start code settings got all messed up. Everything seems to work now, thank you very much!

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