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    Choosing my first Delta Printer

    Hi all, I've been learning 3d printing for about the past 6 months or so, getting the monoprice Maker select mini as my starter kit, then once I got more familiar, got the Creality Cr-10 printer and tinkered a little bit with it. While I love my Cartesian printers, I am definitely interested in the Delta printers as they can print faster and with same or better accuracy. I've been looking around the web a little bit for the past few days, and my budget is around $400 USD max (though preferably around $300). I've come across lots like the FLSUN kossel delta, the Folgertech 2020 kossel delta, but more recently, as alot of youtubers seem to talk a little bit about is the AnyCubic Kossel delta (which supposedly can also be made higher easily).

    However, I am pretty sure that I might have missed some other great options out there, and I do want to get my feet wet into building a kit (I've been building computers for awhile now, and I realize that that is not the same as building a computer) and don't mind trying out to learn how to build more complicated stuff like a delta printer, as I am preparing in the future to build the RepRap Helios (when it gets released) so I thought this is a good time to start. I really look forward to hearing back from you all on what you would recommend as a good (or excellent very good whichever you prefer ) Delta printer (DIY or built) within my price range. Thank you very much!

    P.S. I do plan on using Octoprint, so I believe (though I think most do) it needs to have USB input?

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    My k200 'blog' sorta kinda :-)

    Really superb machines - get the heated bed & upgraded power supply. Hot bed is always better than unheated and by all accounts the psu that comes with the basic kit just doesn't have enough oomph to run the machine properly.
    Or just buy a proper psu yourself, they're cheap enough.

    My thingiverse collection of add-ons and mods:

    Buy kit, print bits and you'll have a really cracking delta for almost no money.
    They also do a much larger version. The k280
    I've also been really impressed with he3d's after sales support. They answer promptly and sensibly.
    You get a spare end stop - so use that instead of the z probe. Works a treat :-)

    I'm now a total delta convert :-)

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    Have you seen the Tevo Little Monster?
    I know it's a bit pricey but it has all the right parts.
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    Yep I've seen it, it's outside my budget right now (maybe sometime next year). I saw the He3D, and i am glad they do put up a video playlist on how to put it together, but I really want auto bed levelling without too much of a hassel. Is it possible to replace the crappy z sensor on it with say a BLtouch easily on the He3D, or should i really just spend some more and get the FOlgtech 2020, does the auto bed levelling work right out of the box on that one? Thanks you very much!

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    oh hmm okay then, I guess the He 3D it is then, but I really do want some form of auto levelling, what are some options to replace the z sensor on the He3D without too much hassle, BLtouch or EZAEL?

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    Hmmm okay I guess I might go that route then. Btw, just out of curiosity, I saw this on 3d printers online (I hope I'm allowed to post the link up here) Would that be a good printer after I build the he 3d and do not want another DIY kit? (also to act as a backup kit, or print more stuff at the same time). Thank you very much!

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    O.o that was quick, okay will do then! Thanks!

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    The autolevelling on most cheap deltas is ridiculous.
    For a start there's nothing 'auto' about it.
    and for another it just plain doesn't work.

    With the k200 if you get the heatbed (and why wouldn't you) the bed is adjustable.
    So all you do is use the z probe and adjuster screws to level the bed. zero Z in the center and you have a perfectly level bed.
    It's way way easier than levelling my makerbot clones and a 1000 smpler than trying to do the topographical crap.

    That said - the flsun looks good, bigger orint size than the he3d . If you can afford it and don't want to build the machine (which I did enjoy) - like #40fan says - get that :-)

    mks gen board and interruptible printing - wonder if they've got that firmware anywhere for download. That firmware is pretty much the last thing I need to start building the Big Bastard :-)

    So yeah if you can afford it - buy the flsun.
    ONly thing I don't like about that is the extruder. It'll need some modifications if you want to print flexible filament. Looks very similiar to the extruders on my replicator clones, lost of little gaps for bendy filament to wiggle into.

    3dprintersonlinestore are a good company. The parcel will have a $100 value on which cuts down on import tax and they ship via tracked dhl.
    Go for it :-)
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    Nice! Well since it is a new printer, I'm hoping someone will review it before I give it a go. I have heard good things about their FLSUN DIY version.

    About the autolevelling, if it doesn't work, do you know what other ways I can do it? I'm not sure if the bed on that can be manually levelled, and I am nervous about programming the system (maybe I should try though). But yeah, based on the pictures do you know if there is another way to level the bed if the auto levelling does not work? Thanks!

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    Doesn't look like it.
    to do it the way i do it you have to have and adjustable bed.
    That looks pretty fixed. So presumably they've got the auto levelling up and working :-)

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