With 1.6 Million USD foundation, what do we get from Panowin F1---Part 2

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1. Industrial level
screw driver slider

Closed detail of the slider. These are all designed with an industrial leveled, and was aligned by the professional tools.

Closed detail of the screw and rail. The screw-drive structure has more accuracy, less mechanical clearance and more torque power.

2. Turbo fan cooling extruder

Closed detail of the extruder. The extruder has a double cooling fan design. The auto wind speed controlled turbo fan has a very high effect on the model cooling and improve the print quality. And the improved cooling end and extrude pipe design can ensure smooth of printing.

The nozzle of the extruder is removable. There are several types of the nozzle with different diameter to fulfill different printing requirement.

The extruder can be replaced by a 500 mW laser head. The 3D printer can be transferred to a small laser cutter with cutting and engraving function. It also can be transferred to more type such as food printer, painting robot, etc.

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