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    3d printer for beginner?


    I wonder if there is any diffrence in the 3d printers that are on the market today, or is it just the price that differs?
    They are all "easy" to use, even for beginners?

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    They are all easy to use as long as you:
    1) read the instructions properly
    2) read this forum for relevant advice
    3) don't expect miracles :-)

    Some will be easier to use than others, price is not necessarily an indication of how easy to use it might be. Most cheap printers will require a little modification on your part to get the best from them.

    There can be tremendous differences between printers - particularly in the plus $1000 price range.

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    It is my belief this one is the best value for the money right now:

    Be sure to order the $10 add-on:

    It is a kit. But it goes together very easily. And once it is together, you know everything about your printer so any problems are easy for you to fix.

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    Of course, the difference exist. Read instructions and user reviews) Good luck

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