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    Quote Originally Posted by QiDi 3D Printer View Post
    The output file format is .gcode . QIDI TECH X-one is compatible with simplify 3D,Cura

    whic priter i will have to setup?
    Hi! i just buy the printer i would like to use Cura.. which priter i will have to setup?

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    Hi I just got my QIDI TECH X-ONE on Friday there and will be unboxing and setting it tomorrow or Tuesday, would it be possible if you could send me the correct settings for it for the Simplify3D software as I use this software with my other printer, the QIDI TECH 1.

    Thank You in advance for the information.

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    There really is no specific settings yet for S3D. You can make is work ok but I would stick with the software that comes with the X-ONE for now. It does a decent job.

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    Thank you for the quick reply wirlybird .. I will do that, I hope to get it unboxed and setup printing tomorrow if plans work out.

    Thanks again

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