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    3D Printing for Red Nose Day

    Today, March 24, is Red Nose Day 2017, put on by Comic Relief. The UK agency approached London-based Digits2Widgets toward the end of 2016 about a custom 3D printing project -- and after just two...
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    3D Printing News Briefs, 3/24/2017

    For this Friday edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, we'll take a look at copyright law, a 3D printer, new 3D printing products, a prestigious award and a group meeting, and some groundbreaking...
  3. Artist 3D Prints a Book in Honor of Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein may never have heard of 3D printing, but the 3D printing community is a big fan of his work. When his theory about gravitational waves was finally proven to be true last year, the...
  4. MIT Researchers 3D Print Goldbug-Inspired Device

    A group of MIT researchers was inspired by the color-changing golden tortoise beetle, or goldbug, when they decided to 3D print an electronic device to demonstrate the feasibility of flexible, 3D...
  5. Under Armour Introduces New 3D Printed Shoe

    Ever since athletic clothing specialist and manufacturer Under Armour introduced its innovative Under Armour Architech athletic shoe and opened the doors of its UA Lighthouse manufacturing and design...
  6. PhD Student Wins Award for 3D Printed Bone Scaffolds

    Constance Maglaras, a biomedical engineering PhD candidate at the Stevens Institute of Technology, recently won first prize in Johnson & Johnson's 2017 Engineering Showcase for a poster and...
  7. 3D Printing Nanomaterials to Make Macroscale Machines

    Rotaxanes are dumbbell-shaped molecules that are capable of converting input energy in the form of light, heat, or altered pH into molecular movements - in other words, they move in response to an...
  8. Canada Makes and Partners Build a 3D Printed Satellite Bracket

    3D printing technology has really changed the face of manufacturing for many applications and sectors, including outer space. Canada's premier additive manufacturing network, Canada Makes, recently...
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    Tu Delft 3D Prints Bacteria

    A group of researchers from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) discovered that it's possible to 3D print bacteria. Why? If you're familiar with the 3D printing industry, you're likely...
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    Wiivv Develops 3D Printed Sandals

    Kickstarter success story Wiivv is returning today to crowdfunding. Having broken records with its first campaign for customized 3D printed BASE insoles, Wiivv is responding to customer feedback and...
  11. 3D Printing to Help Nepal Earthquake Victims

    When a deadly, 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal in April of 2015, killing thousands of people, the 3D printing community jumped right in to offer assistance, from a 3D printable model (for a...
  12. Researchers Implant 3D Printed Cartilage Cells into Mice

    Dr. Paul Gatenholm is a professor of biopolymer technology at Chalmers University of Technology and the co-founder of CELLINK. He's already a pioneer in bioprinting, and he led the team, consisting...
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    Stratasys Presents 3D Printed Art Show

    Once again, Stratasys is behind the intersection of 3D printing and art, as will be demonstrated in the upcoming 'Printing the World | Imprimer le Monde' exhibition in Paris, to be held at the Centre...
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    3D Printed Fashion Show in Albania

    3D printed dresses and fashion accessories are no stranger to the top runways, and recently, a fully 3D printed collection of dresses created by fashion brand ONUS and 3D modeling and printing firm...
  15. Forecast 3D to Offer HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology

    Service bureau Forecast 3D has announced that they will be one of the first companies to offer HP's Multi Jet Fusion technology to their customers. Forecast 3D will be receiving two of the machines...
  16. BeAM Opens North American Solutions Center

    Just a month ago, European Directed Energy Deposition (DED) solutions specialist BeAM Machines SAS, headquartered in France, made its move to the US, and opened the doors to its BeAM Machines, Inc....
  17. 3D Printed Structures From Simulated Mars Soil

    Fotec, the research arm of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, recently undertook a project for the European Space Agency (ESA) in which they 3D printed miniature buildings out of...
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    3D Printing Gives Man a New Jaw Bone

    53-year-old HGV driver and father Stephen Waterhouse, who lives in the UK, was told he had throat cancer in his right tonsil nearly a decade ago. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy helped him conquer the...
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    Interview With Printr

    Netherlands-based Printr was established in 2014 with the goal to make the user experience better in 3D printing. They've introduced the Element dongle and Formide platform in order to enhance use of...
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    Today in Kickstarter

    Even if you have a viable idea for a product, you need funds to get it up and running. That's where crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter come in handy - you can make your pitch, add photos and...
  21. Professor Addresses Moving Sofa Problem With 3D Printing

    Dan Romik, chair of the Department of Mathematics at UC Davis, used 3D printing to come up with a new theory in the "moving sofa problem," which was first introduced in 1966. Basically, how big is...
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    2017 Hackaday Prize Challenge Launches

    Many design competitions have resulted in products that have changed lives for the better, and Hackaday Prize winners have gone on to make serious positive impacts on the world. Now in its fourth...
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    Roboze Joins SAP Initiative

    3D printer manufacturer Roboze, based in Italy, has been announcing partnerships all over the world in the last several months, with the most recent being its first 3D printing distribution agreement...
  24. WinSun Leases 100 3D Printers to Saudi Arabia

    A few days ago, Chinese construction company WinSun signed an agreement with Riyadh-based Al Mobty Contracting Company worth $1.5 billion. Under the terms of the agreement, WinSun will lease 100 3D...
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    Update on Ilios 3D

    On the brink of closing its doors forever just a few months ago, Cyprus-based 3D printing company Ilios 3D came back from the edge soon after with a renewed sense of purpose, and its new Ilios Photon...
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