Hello everyone,
I'm a mechanical engineering student from Brazil and I'm just starting at the 3D printer world. Here, 3D printing is only at the begging stage and not much is known about it yet.
Fortunately, a colleague from my university just managed to bring a 3D printer back home, from his exchange program in the States, and the school is stoked seeing a printing like this for the first time. The printer he brought was made by himself and some friends at a hackerspace, and buying the rest of the supplies online.
Now, one of our profs gave us the challenge to make improvements and tweaks, since the printer is far from being a masterpiece.
One of our role-models is of course, the makerbot, which we all know very well from research (putting a hand in one of those would be a dream).
That's why I'm interested in the flat cable they use in their printers for the extruder. It is so neat looking and makes no mess at all when moving. It just makes the whole printer cleaner-looking. It has flexibility but it doesn't fold sideways. (The cable I'm talking about can be seen in this video, second 46 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU9v71o5Udk).
I did some research on conducting cables like this and I'm almost sure they are FFC.
I would like to ask if anyone has any idea of what kind this cable is. And where could I find something similar (company in the states, china, etc...). Maybe a supplier, or a custom made company, where I could specify a AWG and number of conductors.
Any help at all is appreciated!
Sorry for the long text.