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    Kickstarter campaing MODULAR STL FANTASY WEAPONS

    Hello everyone, we are proud to share our new kickstarter campaign dedicated to our customisable fantasy weapons compatible with our modular sabers system ! With more than 160 STL files, create amazing fantasy weapons for your RPG, Cosplay or just to decorate your gaming room, your living, your office or whatever you want !
    Don't hesitate to join our kickstarter page to be there at the begining of the campaign
    Have a fun day
    You can now join us here :

    The campaign is almost finished !

    I've decided to add a free SPECIAL STRETCH GOAL to says THANK YOU !! The Classical sword set

    Now you can get 425+ stl parts for ONLY 34€/37$

    Thank you all

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    Hello everyone, here is a super exclusive available during our next campaign ! Don't hesitate to join us More thant 160 STL parts to create many amazing weapons and sabers ! Both range are compatible.

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    Hello everyone,

    Now it's time for you to create the fantasy weapon of your dreams! With over 160 STL files: select, print and combine to bring your fantasy weapon to life! A brand new range of STL files compatible with our previous kickstarter campaign MODULAR STL SABERS !
    Have a fun day

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    Hello everyone, the campaign is starting soon, so what better than a new sample ? Here is the Sensei Set ! The campaign starts on May 7th ! Have a great funny day

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    Hello everyone, the campaign is now live !!

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    We have now unlocked 4 Stretch Goals !!

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    Hello everyone,

    3 new unlocked Stretch goals and almost 100 backers

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    7 unlocked Stretch goals and almost 100 backer in 24 hours !!

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    Lets have a look at the two next stret goals More saber parts and wizard set !!

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    Hello everyone, two more unlocked Stretch goals Huge offer !!

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