Hi everyone,I’m currently trying to get my modded two trees sapphire pro to print at higher speeds. but I’m currently experiencing pretty bad layer shifting at random times. The printer will print 2 or 3 parts just fine and then suddenly a huge layer shift in the next part (see attached picture/ I have stopped the print once I have noticed the layer shift)I can’t figure out why it does it, so maybe some of you now some other tests that i can do to find the problem.For the Printer:two trees sapphire pro (core XY)stock stepper motorsRunning Klipper on a raspberry 4 - 2gb ram stepper drivers tmc 2208 - with 1.5 Amps motor current Speeds 110 mm/s printing - 150 mm/s travel acceleration at 4000 mm/s*sNow i know the pulleys are not slipping.And i have also tried the auto speed Makro for Klipper: https://github.com/Anonoei/klipper_auto_speedhere the results where max speeds of 250 mm/s and max accelerations of 10.000 mm/s*s so i guess the motors also should not be skipping steps at my speeds?So yea i don’t know what to do next maybe some of you know a few tests i can do to know what is causing the skipsThanks Alex