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    Creality Issue

    I bought the Creality CR6 SE. It ran great for a while. I started to have bed adhesion issues. I tried different settings and then the usuals, (hairspray, glue, etc). I stopped messing with it for a while do to moving. I finally got it set up again. I replaced the bed. Most prints work with a brim, however, I'm still having some type of first layer issue. What is confusing me is that the brim seems to be good but the first layer of the print comes out very rough. Most times the second layer seems to "smooth" the first layer out enough to complete the print. I thought it was an adhesion issue but now I'm not so sure. I'm thinking the brim is good because the machine is running left to right and front to back. My issue seems to be when the machine is trying to print diagonally. Does anyone know what might cause this? I will add a photo if it works. The part to the left is the first layer. The part on the right is after the second layer "smoothed" out the first layer.
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    Try a search on YouTube for Bed levelling and First layer problems, loads of videos on the subject showing what the problems are and the solutions.

    Try a bed levelling test, possible the 'Z' offset wants adjusting slightly in the slicer.

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