I have an aging MakerFarm printer that's about 6-years old and a lot of 3mm filament. The ABS extruder housing is cracked so the printer is down. I'm trying to find a modern printer that can swap out extruders to that I can use up my 3mm and then move to 1.75mm filament extruder. The only printer I've found is the Lulzbot TAZ Workhorse which comes 3mm and offers a 1.75mm head kit as optional. This is the perfect scenario but it's a $3000+ printer and I was hoping to find other options to compare it to. I'm not necesarily looking for a build-it-yourself as was the MakerFarm. I just don't want to waste the 15 or so spools of 3mm filament I have. Once it's gone I'd like to buy the 1.75mm extruder for the printer, swap it and keep on going. Any ideas?