Hello guys,Running into an issue on my Sunlu S8 build. I followed a great set of instruction and got it mostly running but still need to correct a few small issues I can’t get an answer on.My SD card reader in the stock mother board broke apart and was not useable anymore so I purchased an SKR V1.4 non turbo board with 2209 drivers to replace. Installment went smooth and no major issues. I do however have a few I still can’t seem to tackle or find anyone giving similar problems.First: My Z end stop will work great when homing, but during movement operations. If I accidentally move it too far negative, it slams into the board and the z stop seems to be ignored. Is there a line I need to change in the configuration files to change this?Also, second issue and also pertains to the z axis. If it is too high and I try to home the axis, it will only go down so far and error out. Also looking for which lines would control this.I never tried printing since the install, just working on the basic operational issues first. These seem to be the last 2 left and after 2 days on google, still no luck. If anyone could point me in the correct direction I would be very greatful