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    Issue with Print CR 10 Max / Superslicer / Vase splitting from bottom layer

    Hi! I have an issue with my vase print.

    I am printing Colorfabb LW PLA in a spiralized contour, and when I increase the print speed, the bottom layer tends to break off from the rest of the print.

    Here's my setup:Printer:

    CR 10 Max with DDX direct extruder + CPAP cooling
    Additional Components: Sonic Pad with Klipper, Copperhead Heatblock with silicone socket (and extra silicone around the nozzle)
    Nozzle: 1mm CHT Nozzle
    Filament: Colorfabb LW PLA
    Printing Temperature: 255°CExtrusion Factor: x.54 (140% flow for the first layer)
    Layer Height: 0.32mm
    The rest of the print turns out well, but I'm unable to get the first true spiralized layer to stick on top of the bottom layer(s) when printing at speeds around 100mm/s with an acceleration of 1500mm/s.
    SuperSlicer shows a slow increase in flow for the first spiralized layer when increasing the Z height, while interestingly it sticks better in the low flow area in the defective part.

    I have tried printing the defective layer with and without a brim, but the problem persists. I have experimented with different flow settings, such as increasing the temperature to 260°C for the first layer and adjusting the layer height for first layer between 0.2mm-0.6mm, but none of these attempts have been successful.
    I have also tested different extrusion factors. Additionally, I attempted to make slicer changes per layer height, but it appears that SuperSlicer does not allow that for spiralized contour prints, especially with sequential printing enabled.Since the rest of the print turns out as intended, but the interface between the brim and bottom layer is crucial for gluing the parts for metal casting, I am determined to find a solution to this issue, particularly when printing at high speeds.

    Hope to work this out with the help of you!
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