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    Question Recycling failed prints

    I’ve been 3D printing for a few years now and I’ve accumulated a good amount of ABS and PLA used plastic. Things like failed prints or excess plastic from the “poop chute” on my Bambu Lab P1S. What should I do with all of it? I’ve read online that most recycling places don’t take #7 plastic. I looked online for a local place and they said they take it online but when I got there they told me they only take #1 and #2 plastic. Is there anything I can do with the failed prints (besides making 6000 maracas)? Are there any services that take scarp 3D printed plastic? For reference, I’m in New York on Long Island so I’m open to finding a local place too.

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    In my neighborhood we have 2 trash cans, 2 trash trucks. One for regular trash and one for recycle stuff.
    I just save my failed prints in an old grocery bag until it's full then I throw the whole bag into the recycle bin.
    In my mind, I'm good. I have a clean conscious.

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    Most FDM filament is not recycleable it seems, so chuck it in the trash bin.

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    Most places tell you to put it outside in the sun for a few days to cure so it is no longer toxic. Then throw it in the trash.

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