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Thread: PETG and UV

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    PETG and UV

    Hi all i made a switch box for a customers Land Cruiser, that fits on the dash in black PETGHe has just got back to me after 3 months to say it has deformed and sagged in the heat inside the carWe are in the Caribbean Any ideas to get around the problemThanks Dean

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    Don't use PETG. Maybe a high temp Nylon or other filament that can withstand the heat.. it is no UV it is the heat..
    Just googled on 3d filament that can handle heat..

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    It depends on the brand of PETG. I made a license plate frame out of black/white Overture PETG a little over a year ago and it still looks just as good as the day it was printed. It has withstood two Houston summers (the recent one with 3 months of 100f+ heat) in direct sunlight with no deformation what so ever. You can also try making it out of PET-CF (not PETG-CF). This filament has an amazingly high glass transition temp. I have printed multiple items that survive 140F - 160f temps with no deformation at all. You just need to have the ability to print 300c and a bed temp of 90c for it.

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