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    Major print disaster...need help to get right

    First off I'm very new to 3d printing (about a week), but am a quick I've already successfully (and with great results) completely many prints for mounts and such for my tools. With that being said I had a disaster with my first Gridfinity baseplate I tried, and need advice on what to adjust and try before I try again. - Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro with factory nozzle (.4 I believe) - Elegoo PLA Filament - Nozzle temp - 205 (200 normally for most prints) - Bed temp - 70 (always been 60 but first 3 layers of baseplate attempt #1 didn't stick....70 seemed to fix that at least) - Standard settings in Cura - 60mm/s - 2.0 layer height Thanks for any help and advice before I spend hours to get to point it failed to see if it happens again.
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