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    QIDI Ifast

    Hi all

    I recently bought a QIDI Ifast4 and I'm having some issues with it

    I got through my first spool of PLA that came with the printer fairly easily. I tried switching to the carbon fiber filament and ran into a BUNCH of issues. Only got 1 print off of it and it wasnt a good one. After about 4 trys and fails, the carbon fiber no longer comes out of either of the dual extruders. So I switched back to the PLA extruder and now its having a ton more issues. Cant get any prints off now. Either the filament sticks to the nozzle, it comes off the board, or wont come out. I've tried different heating levels for both the bed and extruders, tried adhesives and leveling the bed and extruders, but nothing works.

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    Suggest you contact Qidi direct

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    Were you using the heads supplied that were specified for the using PA12-CF? The heads fitted are only suitable for PLA, nylon etc

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