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    CR-10 Max

    First post so I apologize if this is in the wrong spot. I checked but didn't see a folder for Creality.

    I've had this printer for a few years now and am at a 5% success rate in print jobs. I got the large print bed to make panels for cars and boats. With the large print bed, I assume it makes leveling much harder.

    I did install a glass bed to help with leveling however, I am still having a hard time with it. All four corners are where they need to be however, the center is up a little too high.

    I have heard from some videos online that this printer is not a good first printer. I am on my last leg with this printer as it is about to be a boat anchor. Any help is appreciated. Thanks everyone

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    Test test, anyone here?

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    I also recently bought a large printer, a CR-10 S5, and I haven't printed with it yet but what you're saying is very concerning.

    Maybe you can change the glass bed on your printer? Event if the aluminum plate that it rests on is bent at the factory a new glass bed on top of it should be straight. You can get a glass bed at a local hardware store for cheap.

    If the new glass gets bent then place thin metal strips around the the aluminum plate to straighten out the sides of the glass bed.

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    I recently replaced the aluminum bed with a glass bed and so far the results are amazing. I don't even have to put adhesive down as the PLA I am using sticks perfectly. The problem I had was using Creality's slicer software. I switched to Cura and that solved a few issues. The next issue is bed leveling which has been a nightmare. I can get it for a couple of small prints but if it spans over any size at all, it is tough.

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