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    Uneven first layer thickness between holes - not a levelling issue

    I've been scratching my head about this one for hours.As you can see in the picture. the first layer thickness is fairly consistent but when you look at the spots the are filled out later, they seem to be "thinner". I can see more of the bed through them.Pretty sure this is not a levelling issue since it looks very correlated to the are filled later. and everywhere just around it is fine.Does this have to do with the fact that there is a retraction before it gets to that island ?Any suggestions on the underlying cause?Printer : Ender 3 V2Slicer : Cura 5.11Layer thickness : 0.2Fist layer thickness : 0.24Speed: 60mm/s
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    Looks very much like a slicer setting, I had a very similar issue.

    I started using Prusaslicer and set the top fill pattern to Monotonic and the issue more or less disappeared.
    The reason for the monotonic setting is described in the Prusaslicer.

    See last post in this thread....
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