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    Upgrading FB Reborn 2 mainboard to bigtreetech M8p?

    Hi everyone I just got the FlyingBear Reborn 2 corexy printer and I must say, it's been much less hassle than my Vyper so far. I am in the process of trying to tune it using TeachingTech's git website. That being said, I am not a fan of the mainboard they put in there. Wifi is... questionable... haven't managed to get any use out of that. I also am not sure whether I want to tinker with it and marlin and I do wish to add ABL, linear advance and input shaping. So my question is would it be very hard for a relative noob to put a Bigtreetech Manta M8P in there? I feel like Klipper would make it easier to get all the functions I want like camera and web monitoring/octoprint and the above mentioned upgrades. Am I mistaken in that assumption? What are your thoughts?

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    board changeovers are pretty simple.
    Just down to how difficult the firmware is to setup.

    My general thoughts are that you never need to upgrade a working printer :-)
    A few basic modifications generally fix any issues and they will all print much faster than most people ever use.

    Maybe a higher temp hotend - but can't think of any reason to change anything else.

    But then I much prefer using printers to upgrading them :-)

    One thing, klipper only works with a raspberry pi and (possibly) octoprint.
    I know last time I looked into it I thought it was bloody stupid that you couldn't run it directly from the printer.
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