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    Shoddy prints after not using Ender 3 v2 for a while

    Dug up my Ender 3v2 a while back and tried to get it going again for prints. But been struggling to make it produce smooth and good-looking prints. There's a lot of stringing and the surface of the walls are very bumpy and uneven. I've tried different slicer settings and in general just tinkering with the bed leveling to see if that solves anything but to no avail. I can still print things but larger/more fragile prints might fail and more detailed prints end up looking bad. I had a hunch that maybe I had to replace some parts to make it work better since it hasn't been in use for a while but not sure what parts exactly to replace. At the moment I'm guessing nozzle and extruder but figured a second opinion would be nice. I've included a picture of 2 Benchy's and a tiny articulated jellyfish that I've printed to test it. the Jellyfish was difficult to get smooth enough to actually be articulated post-printing. Hoping the state of the prints might give some insight into what's wrong. Thanks in advance
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