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    Stepped lines - Ender 3V2

    • Hi, I'm new and this is the first time I ask for help on my 3d printer, I've been printing with it for quite some time now, but sometimes I've run into this unforeseen.
    • I am trying to print this part: BLTouch_Bracket_V2.stl, and the results are very bad. I can usually print fairly smooth parts and no steps are generated, but if there are holes in between, it always comes out that bad.

    • Thank you in advance.
    • PS: I am using the latest version of cura, but this has been happening to me forever. I have not tried with another slicer.
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    Just a suggestion....try printing with the problem part flat on the bed.
    Also perhaps try Prusa slicer, I've just started using it and I've found that it improved my print quality.

    You don't say what filament material you're using?

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    Looks to me like a loose somehting or another .. a mechanical problem not software.. Ender seems to = mechanical problems

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