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    Qidi slicer dimensions???

    Hi. I have a Qidi x-Plus. I create an object with certain outer dimensions, and it will print the outer dimensions with very close accuracy (+\- .015). My issue is if I create any type of cutout, the dimensions are NEVER correct. Why?
    Just to test the system, I created a cube with 10mm sides. I then created a square 14mm x 14mm, and made it 8mm tall, with a 10x10 cut out in the center (2mm sides). When it came out of the printer, the total outer dimensions were spot on 14mm. The walls were 2.16mm thick, so the cut out was not the right size for the cube to fit into. WHY????

    I need to design things with pass through holes for bolts, and it have had to print test runs to find what size hole REALLY is needed for the size of bolt, not simply using the caliper to measure the bolt... Why is a 3mm hole not a 3mm hole???
    thanks in advance.

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    filament squished as it prints

    When you print with filament and you have a height that's shorter than the diameter of the extruded filament, that filament gets squished down to height you've specified. So my extruder is 0.4 mm and I have a layer height setting of 0.2 mm. So that extra filament gets mushed down. On the outside of the print it just makes the finely ridged surface but if you have a hole, that mushed filament will decrease the diameter of the hole a bit.As I see it, your best option is to run a drill down those holes if you need an accurate hole. If you are looking at a very accurate hole you'll want a reamer.

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    The slicer sets the layer height by adjusting the 'Z' axis height, not by how much the filament is squashed after being extruded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikeracer2020 View Post
    The slicer sets the layer height by adjusting the 'Z' axis height, not by how much the filament is squashed after being extruded.
    I’m missing something here. The extruder puts out a cylinder of semi molten plastic 0.4mm wide. The Z axis moves by 0.2mm. So how does the cylinder of soft plastic get laid down on the previous layer without being distorted laterally? I assume you are saying that the extruder has an opening 0.4mm wide but the amount of plastic extruded isn’t the same amount as would be deposited by a 0.4mm cylinder laid down in a line. Is that it?If the deposited plastic is not distorted laterally, then why are programmed holes not accurately printed? Kidpreacher5325, please ignore my post. Most important to me is accurate information and my post is flawed. I’m not quite sure why yet but please ignore my post until we get it sorted.

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