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    Meater Block Australia

    Advert deleted uses a patented 4-in-1 probe that monitors the core of your choice of protein, giving you unparalleled accuracy when cooking meat. The device connects to your phone wirelessly, so it's as simple as taking a picture of your grill, and voila! You have the perfect temperature. No more guess work on whether you should put more charcoal on that grill or not.
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    Grilling is so good because you're cooking your food with actual flame and smoke. Electric grills contain neither; they are essentially grill pans (which aren't nearly as good as full-blown cast-iron pans, anyway). My advice would be to befriend someone with a grill and bring meat and drinks every time you invite yourself over. That or move. Really, mcac, electric grills are not worth the money or the counter space. Just try this one
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