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    Visit for more information on the KLIC-N-PRINT 3D, and let us know what you think of this 3D printer.

    I really like the price, but I do think that the build volume could be a little more distributed instead of 6in x 6in x 9in. I guess this is good for taller prints, but I feel that 2 inches more on each axis would make this printer perfect. You should also consider doing dual or quad extruders in the future (like E3D's Kraken).

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    The design of the machine sure breaks away from the normal laser cut enclosures. The price point isn't bad.

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    Your site is very attractive and the printer is also very nice looking.

    The cost looks average for the specs. Large build volume is my number one priority when shopping for 3D printers.

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    a little pricy for the print size but looks like a good plug and play machine .good for a classroom

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    I like that it is dual, I'm concerned about the software that comes with it, if that is proprietary, or can we run the machine from any software as well?

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    Design is cool but I would like to see more sample prints.

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    Really great features like a heated build plate, and native software. I like the turnkey solution and honestly for that market, this price point is about right. For hobbyists and DIY's they will always say they can build their own for cheaper and with more, but this is a very decent entry level model.

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    It is expensive for the build size

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    I like the price tag and how it has dual extrusion. Don't like the motor/fan/extruder layout. Structurally, you can run into problems

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    I think that printer is snazzy - very stylish
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