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    First layer and bed levelling issues

    Hello!I am quite new to the 3d printing world as I recently got my ender 3 v2. To help with the bed levelling I installed jyersUi with 5x5 manual mesh leveling.The thing is, even though I have followed X tutorial videos on youtube on both how to tram/level the bed and how to do the mesh leveling I still can't get the first layer to stick unless I have a z-offset of about -0.2 mm or more.This is the case even if I make the paper almost stick to the plate when I set the mesh levelling. What could I be doing wrong?

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    Sounds like you are doing every thing correctly.
    The Newest Marlin has a function " Configuration > Advanced Settings > Probe Offsets > Z-Probe Wizard " To Set your Probe offset to get that perfect 1st layer.
    I have been manually using Probe offsets for 6 years now, only now with the new automated Z-Probe Wizard can I do this quickly and efficiently ...

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