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    I'm really impressed with the zortrax. Nice solid design with some amazing print quality. Definitely interested in investigating more when some funds become available. As for as a sample goes, something that demonstrates its great print quality. Maybe a famous person's face? If you can recognize it then it works well

    As for as the site goes, It looks very clean and professional. Very easy to navigate as well. All information needed when considering a purchase is in its own tab and very clear.

    Seriously have no complains about this site, great job!

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    the website is well designed.

    Clever in the way that it presents a bog standard fff filament based printer as something different.
    Like inventing the term: 'layer plastic deposition'.

    On the whole it looks like a decent machine - if a little pricey in the current market.

    Sample - something printed at 0.3 resolution. Everyone can turn out good looking things at .1 - but for everyday practicality I print most things at 0.3. and that's where I'dbe interested in seeing if there's any significant quality difference.

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    I like how clean the site looks, and for a sample, we should be able to customize an object of our choice with restricted size. That would be new

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    Bright bold colors and easy to browse. Nice site. For a sample print, on the bottom of the "Software" page there is a picture of the mascot cat with supports still on. I would like that at 90 microns, with no post processing. Supports and all.

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    I like the color co-ordination of the site, would want to receive a print that takes up the entire build volume.

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    I like the animations, if there was a sped up .Gif of the M200 printing it would look nice or even a turnaround of a printed object.
    The classic Eiffel tower would be the sample product I would be looking at or/and maybe tweezers to test strength.

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    The website is clear, precise and very straight forward. I would like a sample with working interlocking gears on it so that I could see that the parts can stand up to use

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    The website seems well done, nice and elegant.
    I'd like to receive several small samples (the same shape) but made with all available material and colors.

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    Nice clean site. the low poly cat seems to be all over your site. I would definitely like to see that as a sample. Nice work on the large commercial deal by the way.

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    I like the clean slick look of the site, quick explanation of the service and the quality of your prints is great. I would like to receive anything of your highest print resolution, something relatively complex like a large differential.

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