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    @Bikeracer2020, it seems that way to me, too. The spammers are getting imaginative, perhaps the 'bots read a message and pull components into the spam message. There's quite a few out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexanderHenry View Post
    The problem with Qidi XC-Pro is not the extruder, but the nozzle. The extruder is designed for printing ABS, PLA, nylon and other generic filaments, but not ASA. The ASA requires a nozzle with a melting temperature of 280-290°C, and most nozzles for Qidi XC-Pro have a melting point of only 270-280°C, which is not suitable for ASA. So when you try to print with a nozzle with a lower melting point than the filament you are using, you should expect the nozzle to degrade over time and eventually fail.
    I have no idea where you get your wrong informaion from, the printing temperature for ASA is 245C plus or minus 10C

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