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    Super New and need help

    So 3d modeling is a lot harder than I expected but learning slowly. I am looking for someone that could model something for me until I get on my feet with modeling. I have a buddy who is getting out of the military and has had this motto that he has been living by every day! so here's what I am trying to get a model of. I'm trying to commission someone to design a donkey on some skates huge smile tongue hanging out on a base that says Javier Sierra and another slogan but gotta keep it PG. I am pretty open to any designs especially because someone is helping me out. I am open to paying for your time. I have an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro as a printer. If anyone is willing to help me out let me know and we can discuss.

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    roller skates or inline ?

    Looks like a doable project.
    Your printer looks almost identical to my voxelab proxima.

    pm me :-)
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