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    What is the largest sand 3D printer you have ever seen?

    In my case, the largest 3D printer I've ever seen is the EasyMFG3DP-S2200?easy3dp-S2200.jpgEasyMFG3DP-S2200 Image
    Equipment Easy3DP-S2200
    Build Box 2200mm×1000mmx1000mm
    External Dimensions 4400mmx2050mmx1900mm
    Precision ±0.2mm(200mm)±0.1%(L?200mm)
    Tensile Strength 1-4Mpa
    Surface roughtness Be superior Ral12.5
    Gas Evolution Rate 12-20ml/g(850)
    Printing Speed 10-50 s/per layer
    Layer Height 0.1-0.5mm(can be adjustable)
    Printheads four piezoelectric printheads(Can be equipped with up to 8pcs)
    Specicification for printheads Length?72mm,resolution:360DPI
    File Format STL,3MF
    Electrical Requirements Three phase,380V,16A,50HZ
    Powder types Silica sand,quartz sand,precoated sand ,etc
    What is the largest sand 3D printer you have ever seen?
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    pretty sure I've seen bigger :-)

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